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what is the engish meaning of this word(verb)

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what is the english meaning of the word (see attachment)

Thanks Ken

the last letter in this word (gamma) is only used in the Greek words
so I can assure you that this is a Greek word
the first letter (which has line above) means in Coptic "The"
the remaining letters makes the Greek word
Search for it in any old Greek dictionary

also "la" suggest meaning of too much
just like
lamakht=eat much
lacaji=talk too much
so we have "the too much" up 2now
te rest i gesuss it greek word
may someone look up in dicationary?

Just a tip I have just found in Georgy Sobhey's book
in page (15) it says:
in sahidic the letter kabba (ⲕ) becomes Gamma (ⲅ) if it came after Ni (ⲛ) letter that has dash on it

very smart


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