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1- Provide an web-based Coptic Dictionary
1- Editable by all members : Any member in the forum can (add new words / suggest correction for an existing word / etc ...)
2- Open : Any visitor (guest or member) can view the database and use its search functionality freely
3- Reliable : Because there is field where the member should (but not required to) enter the refernces [i.e. from where did he get this word and its meaning]
4- A Desktop application will be provided as an alternative to the web interface and to give more functionallity (like downloading the entire database and seacrh offline)
The dictionary will consist of a Big tables with the following fields
word -> where you can enter the coptic word
meaning -> the meaning of the word this field should be in English but you can use Arabic
origin -> where you can tell if it is Greek word or Coptic word
dialect -> Sahidic, Bohairic, Fayumic, Achmimmic, & sub-Achmimmic.
Pronounciation -> How the word WAS Pronounced (this field should be written in latin letters)
member -> the member who added this word. this allow us to know who provide accurate informations and who add words carelessly
other spellings -> any different spelling for the same word
refernces -> list of refernces that has this word ( dictionaries, lessons books, websites, .....)
comments -> Any comments for this word

waiting for your suggestions and comments
This project will not start before month form the date of this posting giving the time for everyone to say his opinion

I can see no body interested in the dictionary project
Well, I am afraid I can't do it alone
Yes, I am capable of doing the programming/web designing stuff
But my knowledge in Coptic still considered limited
After knowing more about Coptic i found thats making a dictionary is not as simple as i expected
I am not able to make a design for the dictionary

working in this project will be halted until I find someone who can help
or until I get enough knowledge to help myself

This link show you how a user will be able to add a word to the dictionary
Hope some one will be a *bit* positive and give me feed back

ﻷ انتي مفهمتينيش
انا مش محتاج مساعدة في اضافة كلمات للقاموس
انا محتاج مساعدة في عمل القاموس نفسه
(عمل القاموس يعني تصميمه و ازاي الناس تضيف كلمات جديدة فيه و حاجات زي كدة)
و لما اخلص عمل القاموس ابقى اشوف مين ممكن يساعدني في اضافة كلمات جديدة

عموما شكرا على اهتمامك
انا عارف الجروب كويس
بس التعامل فيها بيبقى صعب شوية عشان الكلام بياخد وقت طويل على ما يتحط في الجروب
(The approval for the new posts takes long time)
عشان كدة كسلت اكتب عن القاموس هناك

شكرا مرة تانية على الرد - على الاقل حد عبرني

A great idea u need to send it to all the groups. Do not give up.


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