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I've suggested that a Coptic language Wikipedia be created.

Unfortunately, there's not enough "native" speakers supporting the project. I'm not a Coptic language speaker, I'm just an enthusiast. For the sake of a language with so much history, I ask you all to submit support by adding your names,and stating that you are native speakers of the language.

I bid this project good luck, I do hope the project will go well.  :)


Good Project Thank You
I wish If i was a Native Coptic speaker  :(
But I am not, I am not even good in Coptic Language
But I wish some of this website's visitors will support the project

It's important to write Coptic content in Unicode as it is a Wikipedia policy.

After reading why this request was denied, I think that it would be helpful to begin writing Coptic Wikipedia articles on our own so that we can present a core set of articles when the request is next made.

I don't think we should request again before there is a dedicated group of fluent Coptic speakers that can maintain the Wiki,  but until then this is a good project.

First we should work on translating pages for important,  well known things into Coptic.

Yes dear Anok.. I completely agree with you.. I hope this dream can be realised very soon..


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