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How to display the examples?

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for each word we try to provide some examples
currently we add the examples under each meaning
like in this page
do you like placing the examples that way or put them at the end in an independent section?
should we provide the English translation of each example and if yes where should we place it?

I feel that putting them along with the definitions is better because it makes it easier for the reader to know what they're looking for and have a good context. Translations would be good as well.. maybe right after each example sentence (next line).. as it might be difficult to follow the examples.
I think that would be really difficult/tedious to implement though :/ Coming up with sentences for each word defined...

No, Not at all
Using this site
You can search the Bohairic/Sahidic Bible for any word you want
and you can choose to see the result with any translation you want
I know my description is not clear enough, but just go to the site and choose the Coptic bible from the "Bible versions" list
and type the word u want to search for in the search box and hit ENTER

also "google" search for a word returns some good results
try this

alright.. fair point.. should we set some sort of limit (or guideline) for how many examples (different dialects for example) to include for a word?

Yes, there has to be limits.
If we put a single example for every meaning for every dialect, that would be too much
not to mention 2 or 3 examples
I don't have rules in mind, Could you suggest something?


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