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I am using a mac and having troubles viewing coptic sometimes. I've downloaded ArialCoptic and FreeSerif, but they both show as latin letters. The fonts from http://www.geocities.com/Athens/9068/x_fonts.htm work tho :/ I've downloaded CS Avva Shenouda from http://www.copticchurch.net/coptic_fonts/, and it works in Word but I can't copy/paste because it pastes in English. I realized that I can use that in conjunction with the online editor to write but am having troubles viewing the site due to the fonts' not working.

I have just wrote this Article, it will explain a lot to you
after reading it, the idea will be very clear to you
after that we can talk in more details about Mac support
the article is written in slang Egyptian Arabic, but since you mentioned before "el 3o2da fe el monshar"
I guess u will have no problem in understanding this article

Very nice article.. thank you very much :)
conclusion- i can read unicode and CS Avva Shenouda, but not the other ascii fonts used in the forum  >:(
in terms of writing, the online converter works fine for me :)
you didn't include the downloading the keyboard option

would you include the keyboard downloading link for me please?

The one posted before: http://www.moheb.de/setting_keyboard.html


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