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I believe Crum only includes words of an Egyptian origin, but there are also a lot of words used that are of Greek (and possibly other) origins (as well as newly created words).. are we only including words of strictly Egyptian origin?

If the goal is simply to digitize Crum's dictionary, then yes only Egyptian words. However, I think Coptionary should aim to help newbies trying to translate texts. Given that both Bohairic and Sahidic heavily use Greek loan words, we should include them also. This way people can translate church services and manuscripts if needed.

I totally agree with George
adding the Greek words won't hurt, as I mentioned before we have PLENTY of space  :-o-o-:
I also suggest that in case of Greek entry, we can also mention its equivalent in Coptic If it exists

Including the Greek-loan words with references to similar words in Coptic and/or listing Greek words in the "related words" section definitely makes sense  :-o-o-:

so.. are we proceeding with adding words? do we want to do/divide it in any specific way?


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