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Author Topic: The story of the Devil  (Read 2791 times)

30 September , 2009, 07:39:45 PM
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The story of the Devil
« on: 30 September , 2009, 07:39:45 PM »
In this part of the manuscript the devil tells his story to St. Geroge
the manuscript is pretty old, dated to 303 A.D
the weird thing is although this manuscript was written before Islam, the story is pretty similar to the Islamic story
the complete manuscript along with its English translation can be found here
from the begining God created a heaven
in adam (3adan) it was placed in the east, he placed
in it the man which god has created
in his image. the lord said let the angels come
to Prostrate (yesgodo) in to him(to adam) and at the moment
Michael (mi5aeil) came with all of his army of angels
and came and prostrated to him but I (the devil)
resisted (or contradicted) the word of God saying that:
o the justice judge! I have came earlier than this (adam)
how come I prostrate to who is smaller than me?
the sharobim cast shadow over me (yozalelny al sharobim) who are filled with eyes.
so God got mad at me and he threw me out of my glory


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