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for each word in the dictionary, we should include some examples to show how this word can be used
We need to provide at least one example for each meaning/use of this word
and since our dictionary covers all Coptic dialects, then each meaning of the word must have an example for each Cotpic dialect

so if we have a word with 3 different meanings, and we have 6 Coptic dialects
then total number of examples will be 6 * 3 = 18 example
some people suggest that including all of this number of examples will make the page a mess
others believe that including them is important and very helpful to the readers
so here is the suggestions we've got so far

1st Opinion
Don't write any examples at all, users should find the examples themselves
Pros: Well organized/Good Looking page
Cons: Users will need to search some where else to find examples

2nd Opinion
write 1 example for each dialect for each meaning of the word
Pros: User will be able to see at least one example
Cons: One example might not be enough + page is not very tidy

3ed Opinion
Don't write any examples at all in the word's page, instead all examples should be written in an independent pages (page for each dialect) and place link to them in the the word's page
Pros: each user will be able to open the page with examples related to his dialect + main entry age remains tidy
Cons: user will need to open another page to view the examples instead of looking at it directly in the word's page

4th Opinion
Opinion 4 is a mix between Opinion 2 and 3
It suggests that we write 1 example for each dialect for each meaning of the word in the word's page AND provide independent pages that includes more examples
Pros: user can see at least one example quickly without having to open another page
Cons: Page not very tidy

If you have another Opinion

i think, better is fulltext search of texts - on dictionary is much work, after finishing it, we can add examples, greek ekvivalents, links to dictionaries and much more. but for now, to add eamples to every word will mare work slow.

so are you suggesting we include a couple of examples on the main page then link to more, or just no examples at all?

none at all, for now. quotations can be added later. so, iam ready for work. how i can join into project?

take a look at this entry (ⲁⲓⲁⲓ), for example.. do you think it's too crowded with the examples? I feel it's useful to have something right there for the users to see how the word is used. Then maybe more can be added later :/ i actually really like your idea of linking to fulltext examples and think it would be very helpful to do that!


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