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ok, i understand. soon i will release next version of Marcion. if you wanna to sacrifice some from your time, i can upload source into svn, and you can made and maintain functions for work with coptionary. my database has now around 1000 words. function for batch update of coptionary will be very useful, and, on other side, to update Marcion's database from Coptionary.

I would love to integrate your application with the dictionary
but lets discuses that in another topic, please start new one or continue the existing topic,242.0.html

now i have completed almost main words in Crum with all morphs, except some of these which are described as "meaning unknown/uncertain/doubtful" - so iam prepared on import them into koptionary. please backup your data first and tell me when i can start. thx

OK, I am ready,
although I was kinda wishing that unknown/doubtful words be added too
what is unknown today could be known tomorrow
and knowing the doubtful meaning of the word is always better than not knowing anything at all!

sry, but routine for importing words into koptionary is more complicated than i was expected, so be patient please (this can take few days)


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