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How many people is there who can talk coptic in the whole world?

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How many people is there who can talk coptic in the whole world?
I read that it was 300 and that they all live in canada and us and some family in egypt..
but now when they are learning coptic in the chuchres and internet its gotta be moore than 300?
thank u for answering.

u first need to define the word "talking"
so if you can say "Good Morning" in Coptic u might call this talking
or if you are totally fluent in Coptic, that is also called talking
also if you pronounce the Coptic letters as the church, do u call this speaking Coptic (because the church's has invnted this kind of pronunciation and it never existed before the last two centuries
u need to answer those questions to get an accurate answer

i meant talking like copts that can talk coptic like they are speaking arabic, fluetly

none that I know of,
yes some can speak Coptic at some degree
take for example those videos that was created by batros http://kame.danacbe.com/index.php/topic,261.0.html
I can and do read Coptic books (but never without a dictionary)

some people claim to be speaking coptic fluently, take for example mona zaki http://kame.danacbe.com/index.php/topic,95.0.html but she is not native speaker, her grandfather learned Coptic and used it at home
he made success at some degree but I doubt that they have ever spoke fluently

if that is all not enough, the way you (and mona zaki and most Coptic speakers) pronounce Coptic words is not correct.
this way of pronunciation was invented by church, true Coptic never had letters like "th" and "V"
so the language we use to pray in our churches is not the same as the one our grandfathers used

Yes but the language is still coptic its just modernizised ( spell )
all languages are developing, egyptian is a language that existed in moore than 5000 years the copts that lived before the arab conquest could surely not speak with the egyptians that lived in egypt for 6000 years ago do u see my point?
excuse me for my bad english btw..


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