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ˋⲛⲑⲟⲕ ⲡⲉ ⲛⲓⲙ?

Ⲁϣ ⲡⲉ ⲡⲉⲕⲣⲏϯ ?

nofri! ]nane sep`hmot! Paran pe ambroce pouloc ouoh ]`ebol qen England. ]er jout `nrompi ouoh ][i`cbw `eoucyini. ]beri `epaima. ][i`cbw ]nis] `n`acpi `nrem`n,ymi alla ]ka] houo an. ]ouas `ntanane `e]nou.

Ari`hmot cohi pahanswft.

Moik tonou.

The correct statement must wrote like this
( ? ? ) refer to : I don't understand what u want to say

<ere ! ? ? !

--- Quote ---I think you mean [/font][/size]

<ere> ]ouoj

--- End quote ---
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paran pe Ambroce Pouloc ouoh ]ebol England

anok pe jwt `nrompi ouoh ][icbw e]cyini . ? ? .

][icbw `n]nis] `nacpi `nrem`n,ymi alla ]ka] an houo . ? ?

Ari`hmot cohi `mpahanswft.

Miok tonou.

--- Quote ---What do you mean with [/size][/font]Miok tonou. ?

--- End quote ---
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Hi, thanks for your corrections.

1. By nofri, I mean "hello" or "greetings".
2. I meant by ]beri `epaima to say "I am new here" (lit. "I am new to this place") but I think this is better said ]beri `mnai?
3. By ]ouas `ntanane `e]nou I meant "I wish to be better than now" or basically "I hope to get better".
4. By moik tonou, I mean "much thanks".

Could you please show me where I have gone wrong in the above.

A few corrections.

--- Quote from: oromi on 08 April , 2006, 10:35:52 pm ---nofri! ]nane sep`hmot! .

--- End quote ---
nane is not a true verb. It is really an adjective. So you do need to say }ouj. Also, without a pronoun, Sephmot is the imperative tense. In other words, you are telling someone "Thank" or "Give thanks" (better English). You need to write ]sep`hmot `ntotk.. You could get away with Sephmot in colloquial talking, but not in proper Coptic.

--- Quote ---]er jout `nrompi
--- End quote ---
I can tell you're translating from English. I am twenty years old, is usually written as Ouontyi jout `nrompi. Literally, "I have 20 years"

--- Quote --- ][i`cbw `eoucyini.
--- End quote ---
This means I study from a doctor. I think you meant, I am studying medicine, which would be ][i`cbw `n]metcyini[/color]

--- Quote --- ]beri `epaima.
--- End quote ---
I am not sure if you can say ]beri because beri is not a verb. You should use Aierhytc `mberi `mnai. This is equivalent to the Arabic, "Bedat hena gadedan"

--- Quote --- ][i`cbw ]nis] `n`acpi `nrem`n,ymi alla ]ka] houo an.
--- End quote ---
The verb [i`cbw needs a participle to direct us to what you're learning. You need to write ][i`cbw `e]nis] `n`acpi. The same with ka] . You need the participle added. It should be ]ka] `nhou`o an.

--- Quote ---]ouas `ntanane `e]nou.
--- End quote ---
As described before nane is not a verb. You could say }ouws `eernis] `e]nou. I wish to become greater more than now (also can be I wish to become better than now)

Very good work.



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