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Ray: [Edit]
Hello All, I am working with St. George & St. Shenouda in Jersey City NJ, the authors of the widely distributed Coptic Presentations.  There is a specific issue with non-breaking char insertion with non-unicode jemkin.  If there are any font experts that can assist it would greatly be appreciated.  Please email me at ray@wassef.org

what you mean by non-breaking ?

Actually there is a Jenkim as a part of the unicode Coptic font
Only some fonts don't support it

I recommend FreeFont

Though I can read and write with Coptic Fonts in Word, it wasn't possible to copy my text in Coptic letters here. The letters were transformed to normal latin letters. Also, I cannot read some of the Coptic texts here. What can I do to solve this problem?

First of all welcome to the forum, nice to have Sahidic speaking members.
about your question, you are using an ascii based font you need to use a unicode font instead
please check this post


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