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Although I installed all Coptic fonts, it still wouldn't display correctly in Google Chrome, showing  mostly squares, and only a few Coptic letters. However, I found a fix. Here are the steps:

1. Download and install the Code2000 unicode font here: http://home.bishoy.com.au/downloads/code2000.ttf

2. Open Google Chrome.

3. Click on the menu icon, then navigate to: Tools > Encoding > Unicode (UTF-8)

4. Turn on Auto detect in the same menu, if it is not on already.

5. Close and re-open Chrome. If necessary, restart your computer, too.

Coptic should now display correctly! I hope this helps others with my problem.


Ekhrestos anesty
Dear Anok
What about chrome for mobiles? Does this apply?

No, Chrome for mobile is different. I spent several hours trying to figure out how to install Coptic for my mobile phone's Chrome but couldn't make it work.

I think it should be possible somehow because there are Coptic apps and even a Coptic keyboard  (which didn't work, sadly)... But I haven't found a fix yet.

If I get it to work, I will make a new thread explaining how.

I did a little more research.

If you have an Apple mobile device (or anything running iOS) then you can go to Chrome menu > Settings > Content settings and turn on "Auto-detect decoding," which I think is off by default.

If you do not have iOS, then I think that we will need to send messages to the Chrome for Mobile developer to ask for this feature to be added. Without it we cannot tell our mobile devices to use the necessary encoding.

Ekhrestos anesty
Thank you dear Anok


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