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Paid Transliteration from English to Sahidic Coptic


Ramsis: [Edit]

Hi, I'm looking for someone well versed enough in Sahidic Coptic syntax, diction, and idioms to some extent, to help me transliterate an English text into Sahidic Coptic.

I'm aware many words may not have direct translations, and have prepared alternate ways of expressing several different ideas and concepts while retaining the same meaning.

If you're interested, respond here and we can exchange information privately. I'm offering fair compensation for this service, which I deeply appreciate. Thank you for your time.

Hi Ramsis,
I wish you good luck finding someone to help you.
Most of the active members in this forum know Bohairic Coptic dialect, very few know Sahidic well enough to help you.

Hopefully one of them will reply to your post

Your understanding is not quiet accurate. The two dialects differs enough that a man who knows Bohairic very well can not understand Sahidic text at all and vise versa.
Coptic dictionaries are either Sahidic only or Bohairic only or otherwise it put a sign in front of each word to say to which dialect(s) does it belong.

A person who has studied Bohairic very well, will need at least two weeks of constant study to be able to make sense of Sahidic writing (not even fully understand it)

i know sahidic very well ! i can translate everything

di caoun edacpa mprac nanouf , di es bol ebol nnka nim


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