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Author Topic: Greek Coptic Keyboard  (Read 27 times)

06 June , 2018, 12:34:31 pm
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Greek Coptic Keyboard
« on: 06 June , 2018, 12:34:31 pm »
I use a modified Greek-Coptic keyboard. Coptic font is basically Byzantine Greek church font with extra letters- many computers and phones aren't able to read Byzantine font, but they can read Greek font. The extra Coptic letters like ϣ ϫ etc. are added in regular Greek font, which means everyone can read them. A bonus is that you can search websites in Greek, while Byzantine font cannot- if you know Greek, the keyboard allows you to have one keyboard installed for Greek instead of one for Egyptian and another for Greek.

Coptic Byzantine font is a problem for the Coptic language, as it makes the language more difficult to be read. The Coptic Egyptian language can be spread further through the more useful Greek font.

For the Coptic letters press CTRL + ALT. You can find ϯ ϭ etc.

Ctrl-Alt S = σ
Ctrl-Alt X = ς
Ctrl-Alt H = ϩ
Ctrl-Alt K = ϧ
Ctrl-Alt C = ϭ
Ctrl-Alt T = ϯ
Ctrl-Alt ? = ;

To install: press setup.exe. Find language preferences in Region and language settings on your computer. Choose Greek: Coptic-Greek should be in the options.
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