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Author Topic: Coptic Egyptian Video Course Part 1 - The Family Ϯμετⲓⲱⲧ  (Read 311 times)

08 June , 2018, 02:34:28 AM
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Youtube video:

I recorded myself teaching the Coptic language course that I had created earlier. I plan on releasing more lessons in the future.

The video covers basic Egyptian vocabulary and grammar. The pronunciation I use is the Classical Coptic Pronunciation that I describe here:

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𓇋𓏌𓎡𓂀Ανοκ 𓅯𓄿𓏭πε 𓉐𓉻𓁈πουρο 𓈖ν 𓆎𓅓𓏏𓊖Χημι