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Author Topic: Sound Reconstruction  (Read 160 times)

13 September , 2018, 10:56:40 am
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Sound Reconstruction
« on: 13 September , 2018, 10:56:40 am »
There had been many trials to reconstruct the Egyptian tongue , but every of them seem to proceed in a diffrent direction , i took a view to rely on coptic to pronounce Egyptian language , i wanted to know , the coptic we pronounce today , how old this pronounciation dates ; according to my theory , that i applied on too many words , i rather that consonant that refers to a vowel like Aleph and W ,and Y , etc.. in heiroglyphs when written after a word free from these that means it to be used in this word forexample The God Hor is named Hrw , so according to the theory its pronounced Hwr closely to Coptic Boh/Sahidic : Hor and the word that contain no letters is to be pronounced with E like in sahidic we put a small line on a letter to mean that its preceeded with an e , Like pr which in coptic is Per how far this theory is right and how old is today's pronounciation ,Thanks.