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IPA Chart of Greco-Roman and Old-Bolhairic?


LingMai: [Edit]
I am currently in an MA Linguistics program and I am looking into doing some research in Coptic. However, most scholarly sources are pre-IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and I am looking into the pronunciation differences. While I could eventually "translate" Maher's 1975 transcriptions, I don't currently have the time to do so - so I'm hoping someone has other information.

The only exception I can find is the article from 2004 by Michael Szelog but I haven't been able to find anything about this author and their scholarly background.

Does anyone have any other sources on either the Greco-Roman or the Old-Bolhairic pronunciation? Thank you!

Emil Maher made a PHD in Oxford about the subject (in English)


I can't find the actual paper but you - as a student - probably would have better access than me.

There is also Coptic sounds by

The Modern Pronunciation of Coptic in the Mass. By J.
DYNELEY PRINCE, Ph.D., Professor in Columbia Univer-
sity, New York City.

This u can find it in Journal of American Society (Year 1902, Volume 23 , page 289)

There is also this book

Though I didn't read it myself (and probably can't because in Latin) to recommend it.

Finally there is Sulam al-samannudi which was written in the 13th century but again it's Arabic with Latin comments.

There is also the dictionary written in the 13th century "Sulam al-Samannudi" "سلم السمنودي" can be found here
https://archive.org/details/samanodi but again you'd need knowlage of either Arabic or Latin.

let me know if u need help with Arabic stuff. would be happy to help


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