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What is *nut* in Coptic?

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Do Coptic-speakers use the greek word KAPYON for nut? Or is there a genuine Egyptian word too?

If there is a genuine word for it, you will find it in crum.

I didn't find it there, that's way I asked it here.

If not in Crum, I doubt you will find it somewhere else.
I also doubt Ancient Egyptians ate nuts otherwise there would be a mention to it in Hieroglyphics, drawing or left in tombs

In my research I haven't found a genuine word for "nut" either.
I do have original words for "beans" :

     Ancient Egyptian: pr(i), iwryt, 3ndr (d has _ under it)
     Coptic (Bohairic) : an'sh'ipi,  anGipi (species of bean comes from '3ndr')
     Coptic: oupw (comes from Ancient Egyptian "iwryt")
     Akkadian: púlu (possibly similar to Ancient Egyptian "pr(i)"

    In Ancient Phonecian they had a word for 'walnut' = guzím
    And in Modern Berber they have a similar word for 'walnut' = '(a)guzim',
    Which means it passed from Ancient Phonecian to Modern Berber,
       Maybe Egyptian had a similar word if it existed.

Those are the closest words I've been able to find.


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