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Author Topic: Google translate: Requirements to add a language  (Read 1133 times)

09 May , 2019, 08:10:29 PM
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Google translate: Requirements to add a language
« on: 09 May , 2019, 08:10:29 PM »
If your language is missing from Google Translate you can help us get closer to adding it by translating and validating phrases in Google Translate Community for the language.
If your language isn't available in Google Translate Community you can share what language(s) you'd like us to add by tapping "Send Feedback" from the menu within Translate Community.
There are many factors that impact our ability to support new languages, but here are some indicators for a strong candidate language:
  • It’s a written language
  • It’s actively used on the web together with translations into other languages (news articles, multilingual websites, books, government pages and so on)
    • by “actively” we mean there are millions of translated words available
  • Speakers of the languages are eager to partner with us and offer their language expertise through Translate Community tasks


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